blog post ideas for creative business owners

16 blog post ideas for creative business owners

As a creative business owner, you have great ideas for your work. But what about when it comes to connecting with your audience through your blog? Try these blog post ideas for creatives to inspire you today.

Bonus: Most of these can be tweaked to apply to your favourite social media outlet!

16 blog post ideas for creatives and creative business owners

  1. A Day in My Life – Share snippets of your working day, such as how you get your workspace ready, your pre-meeting rituals, or what you do to wind down.
  2. Workspace Tour – Like the “Day in My Life” option, this creative blog post idea will bring your client or customer behind the scenes in your creative space. You can share why you like your studio or office, what specific things you do to make it work for you, and where you perform certain tasks.
  3. Creation Timelapse – These days it’s easier than ever to create a quick and easy timelapse video, so why not use it to show off your process? Whether you choose to share the creation of an entire project or just a portion, videos like these are engaging and popular.
  4. Customer Spotlight – With their permission, you can use your blog to feature a particular customer or client, and how they use your product or service. This can help boost engagement and positive word of mouth. You can tone down any salesy vibe by encouraging your customer to share something fun about themselves unrelated to your brand.
  5. X Trends I’m Excited About – This is a great way for you to show some expertise in your particular creative field, as well as give people an idea of what you like and why.
  6. X Trends I’ll Sit Out – In a similar way to the above, this blog post idea can show your expertise and taste by showing what industry trends you feel don’t have staying power, or don’t fit your brand.
  7. I Tried This Out and Here’s What I Learned – Whether it’s a productivity hack, a morning routine, or a different process for your work, people love to hear about the experience of trying something new.
  8. What Fuels My Creativity the Most – This post is a fun way to share your process, as well as share your creative struggles or inspirations with others who may benefit from it.
  9. How My Process Has Changed – Some fun ideas include: compare your art style today to your art style from five years ago; talk about the turning point that set you on your current path; or share stories about experimentation.
  10. My Creative Goals For the Year – You don’t have to reveal anything you don’t feel is ready for public consumption, but this blog post idea is a fun way to connect with your audience and let them know what to expect, and what you’re looking forward to.
  11. Quotes That Inspire Me – Many of us love a good quote, and sharing the ones that inspire you can give insight into how you think and work. They can also lead to some great discussions. And a bonus: these types of posts are fun to write – I did one myself recently!
  12. A Creator Who Inspires Me – This blog post idea is a great way to show some love to your community. You can highlight a colleague, mentor, or student with a simple feature or a more in-depth interview. You can also talk about a person who inspires you who you may not know, whether it’s a historical figure or a well-known person in your industry.
  13. Music, Movies, and Books That Inspire Me – This another unique way for your audience to get some insight into how you tick. You may also be able to make a bit of passive income if you use affiliate links for these products.
  14. My Origin Story – Why did you decide to start your creative business? How long have you loved what you do, and why? What’s the story behind your business’ name? Little snippets of insight like this will help prospective and current clients or customers connect with you.
  15. My Favourite Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/TikTok/Whatever Accounts – Sharing some of your favourite social media accounts and why they inspire you is another great way to show some support to your community, and have a little fun doing it.
  16. The Best/Worst Creative Advice I’ve Ever Received – Every creative has received advice – some of it good, some of it dire. Without necessarily naming names, it can help your audience if you share advice that either resonated with you or missed the mark.

Are there any other creative blog post ideas you’d like to share? Let me know! And come say hi on Instagram, too.

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