Fiction Editing

freelance fiction editingYou’ve spent months – maybe years – working on your novel or collection of short stories, and are ready to submit your work to a publisher or agent. Now you need the help of a professional editor to make sure everything flows well, is spelled correctly and will work for the readers you have in mind. You also need this editor to respect your own unique writing voice and maintain the vision of the project.

Fiction editing is a delicate process. The job of an fiction editor is to ensure your manuscript is free of spelling and grammar errors, while also clearing up redundancies, clichés and things that just don’t make sense. I can’t guarantee that your short stories or novel will be published, but you will have objective feedback from someone who is a published writer herself as well as an avid reader.

Manuscript editing

For completed manuscripts of general fiction, science fiction, fantasy and mystery, I offer both substantive/structural editing and stylistic editing. This means I will edit your manuscript for overall structure, clarity, tone, readability and spelling while removing clichés, redundancies and other elements that may be taking the focus away from your message. It’s big-picture review with small-picture fine tuning.

Manuscript critique

For completed manuscripts of fiction, up to 100 pages. I’ll read your manuscript over and give you a review of its plot structure, character development, setting and writing style. There is no editing involved in this service (unless something really jumps out at me).