Your creative business needs creative content.

Let's tell your story

Hi, I'm Samantha Garner.

I’m a freelance copywriter helping creative entrepreneurs find business clarity through engaging storytelling and no-nonsense content strategy.

I’ve worked in marketing for over 15 years, creating effective copy for designers and entrepreneurs. I know what works in marketing (and what doesn’t). I’m obsessed with storytelling. And I love investigating creative ideas.

I collaborate with creative entrepreneurs anywhere in the world on their websites, newsletters, landing pages – and more!

I'm a writer and lifelong creative.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. For me, creativity is about honesty, authenticity, and connection. I love working with people who want to make the world a more vibrant and positive place.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Offer guidance on content tone, audience, and intent
  • Audit existing websites and blog post content
  • Develop website headlines and taglines
  • Proofread and edit blog posts
  • Proofread and edit websites
  • Edit art books and guides
  • Create newsletter content

So, that's me - Now what about you?

My clients are creative entrepreneurs. They want to make money with their creativity, whether it’s on the side or full-time. They want to improve their websites, create an effective landing page, get more webinar signups, increase clicks to their online shop – or whatever it takes to grow their businesses. To do this, they want effective copy that respects their personality. They want a copywriter with years of experience in both marketing and creative output. Their content should be low on trendy gimmicks and high on practical strategy.

They want to spend less time stressing about their content, and more time creating.

Our team always had confidence that Samantha would provide us with the highest level of editing and proofreading to ensure our materials would shine in the marketplace. Her keen interest in written communication, both creative and corporate, provided us with a solid foundation upon which we could effectively tell our clients' stories. And Samantha's other pursuits in the arts provide her with a unique perspective that she can bring to any project.
Mike Z
Design Director
I worked with Samantha for about five years. She showed excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. She also became a favourite contact for many of our clients who enjoyed her quick responses and customer service.
Peter K
Samantha is not only a brilliant writer but a diligent editor. I’d happily recommend her for any position, creative or otherwise.
Phillip W