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freelance copywriter for creatives

Hi, I'm Samantha Garner.

I’m a copywriter empowering creators, artists, and entrepreneurs to connect with their audience through inspiring and authentic content. 

I help you get to the heart of your unique story to make an impact. I’m a big believer in mindful actions, and the content I craft always serves your voice and values. I’m down-to-earth and respectful of your vision. And most of all, I love investigating creative ideas!

I'm a writer and lifelong creative.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. For me, creativity is all about honesty, authenticity, and connection. I love working with people who want to make the world a more vibrant and positive place.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Offer guidance on content tone, audience, and intent
  • Audit existing website and blog content
  • Develop SEO-friendly website headlines and taglines
  • Suggest key messaging for websites & social media captions
  • Edit art books and guides

So, that's me - now what about you?

My clients are creative entrepreneurs and content creators who want to grow their businesses in a measured, authentic way. They want to improve their web content, create an effective landing page, get more webinar signups, increase clicks to their online shop, or attract more engaged followers. They want effective copy that lets their personality and vision shine. They want a copywriter with experience in both marketing and creative pursuits. They want content that’s low on trendy bullshit and high on thoughtful strategy.

They want to spend less time stressing about their content, and more time creating.

How can I help you?


Just starting out and need a content foundation? Get content for 3 website pages, blog post templates, and basic content guidelines. 🜃 $600 CAD


Need guidance on existing content? Get a high-level content overview of 5 website pages, and suggestions for improvement. 🜃 $800 CAD


Want to revive your existing content? Get custom, SEO-friendly content for 6 website pages, plus a detailed content guidelines & messaging document. 🜃 $1,300 CAD

For the past couple of years, my company has utilized Samantha’s amazing writing services to produce content for our creative blog. Samantha is always so pleasant, ready to assist, and has great knowledge in creating copy for creative topics. I am always excited to read the copy that she provides. I would definitely recommend her to other businesses and creative entrepreneurs.
Samantha is a beautiful writer and incredible editor. I have had the pleasure of working with Samantha on a number of creative projects over the years. Most recently, she completed a content audit for my website. Her thoughtful edits and suggestions helped me to clarify and effectively communicate why I do the work I do. Samantha's friendly, encouraging approach and wealth of knowledge contribute to a working relationship that feels truly collaborative.
Out of the many writers we shortlisted, we chose Samantha for her creative outlook and friendly approach. We involved Samantha from a very early stage to help writing the copy for our new company website. She clearly understood what we were all about, and provided fantastic on-brand copy. So much so we are continuing to work with her on other projects!
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