Authentic, Engaging Content for Your Creative Business

freelance copywriting for creative entrepreneursCopywriting for creative entrepreneurs can be tricky. You have a project you can’t stop thinking about, and you know it can make a difference in people’s lives. But maybe you’re stuck. Maybe you can’t figure out how to tell your story and grow your business without sacrificing your unique voice and personality.

Nice to meet you! I’m a copywriter with years of experience working alongside creative minds like indie authors, designers, and photographers. I know that creatives need engaging copy that’s tailored to the medium. Websites should be concise and user-friendly. Blog posts should spark conversations and share unforgettable ideas. Landing pages should be snappy, engaging, and encourage clicks. 

I know that kerning isn’t what popcorn comes from, I know an f-stop isn’t a train station, and I know that a full-bleed brochure doesn’t involve a doctor and stitches.

And most of all – I love creatives, since I’m one too! I’ve been writing stories ever since I learned how a pencil worked, I dabble in photography as a hobby, and I’ve been tinkering with websites and blogs since the Angelfire days of 1997. I know how important it is to maintain creative integrity.

I collaborate with creative people all over the world to help their projects stand out. 

Practical strategies for creative minds

My creative principles are honesty, authenticity, and connection. I’ll never try to dazzle you with trendy gimmicks. Instead, I’ll help you share the true heart of your story and grow your business. With me, you’ll get actionable steps backed by marketing experience. Your project will come to life and connect with those who matter most.

Copywriting for creative entrepreneurs is something I’m passionate about – let’s start the conversation today!

Why work with me?

  • I have years of experience in marketing and copywriting
  • I have even more years of experience with creative projects
  • I’m a realistic daydreamer who’s been described by young’uns as “chill”
  • Disorganization and inconsistency make me break out in hives
  • Maintaining your creative vision and personality is vital to me
  • I’m pragmatic and will never try to dazzle you with gimmicks that aren’t a fit
  • I approach all projects with honesty, authenticity, and connection in mind

If these sound good to you, let’s talk!

Want Testimonials?

Our team always had confidence that Samantha would provide us with the highest level of editing and proofreading to ensure our materials would shine in the marketplace. Her keen interest in written communication, both creative and corporate, provided us with a solid foundation upon which we could effectively tell our clients' stories. And Samantha's other pursuits in the arts provide her with a unique perspective that she can bring to any project.
Mike Z
Design Director
I worked with Samantha for about five years. She showed excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. She also became a favourite contact for many of our clients who enjoyed her quick responses and customer service.
Peter K
Samantha is not only a brilliant writer but a diligent editor. I’d happily recommend her for any position, creative or otherwise.
Phillip W