finding your most creative times of day

Finding your most creative times of day

Do you find that you’re better at certain creative tasks depending on the time of day?

I’ve noticed this about myself before, but never really thought to try applying it to my creative and work life until recently. Of course, while I’m lucky enough to be able to freelance, I can’t always decide to put off a certain task until later. However, I thought I would share what I’ve discovered about my creativity throughout the day.

The tasks I do in my most creative times

Finding my most creative times of day took a little while, but after a few days of loose observation I noticed that I tended to do certain tasks better at certain times. For example:

  • Early to mid-morning (post-coffee!): Original writing. This can include creative writing, blog posts, or website content.
  • Late morning: I’m still in Writing Mode, but I notice my energy starting to get a little calmer. Here, I also start to feel most creative with secondary, personal interests like photography or web design.
  • Early to mid-afternoon: Creative tasks that lean to the analytical side, such as content or photo editing, or more straightforward writing tasks.
  • Late afternoon: My creative energy is waning! This is the best time of the day for me to do things like project research, or gathering ideas. I don’t have to engage the actively creative part of my brain, but I can still feed the passively creative part of my brain.

Like I said earlier, it’s unrealistic of me to follow this guideline for each and every project I work on, or every work day I have. But I find that my projects seem to work smoother the more I can adapt to my various creative energy times.

I’ve noticed that this method works well for more administrative tasks too. For example, if I have to give a project quote or reply to a detailed email, it’s best if I do it before lunch. And if I have a meeting, I’m definitely at my best before about 2pm!

What about you? Do you have more creative times of day? I’d love to hear what tasks you excel in at different times!

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