Finding the core principles of your creative business

How to find your creative business’ core principles

If you’re anything like me as a creative entrepreneur, you’ve wondered how you can define your business and help you find your ideal clients or customers.

For me, identifying a set of creative core principles has been the key in finding creative fulfillment while also keeping my business humming along nicely.

My own creative core principles

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for over ten years, and in that time I’ve tried a lot of different things. Some of these business offerings didn’t suit my passions or my skillset, whereas others were a pleasant surprise. In every case, I’ve approached each project with my three creative principles: honesty, authenticity, and connection.

These principles speak to both who I am as a person, and what I aim to do with each project. I’m allergic to trendy gimmicks and meaningless buzzwords. Instead, I believe in giving clients actionable steps backed by marketing experience. I help my clients grow their business in a way that’s true to them. I get to know them, and help them connect with those who matter most. I don’t try to be different than who I am, even if it would help get me noticed. And I only work with clients who share these creative principles.

How to find the core principles for your creative business

If you want to identify the core principles for your own creative business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kinds of clients/customers do I love working with the most?
  • What kinds of projects have been the most fulfilling to work on?
  • What kinds of projects have I done the best work on?
  • What are my dealbreakers when it comes to clients or projects?
  • What do I respond to when interacting with brands?
  • What colours, imagery, and fonts do I like best?
  • What impact do I want to make in my industry?
  • How would I be described by those who know me well?
  • Why did I start my creative business?

When answering questions like this, write down your answers and spend some time reviewing them. Are there any words that jump out at you right away, or beliefs and moods that feel foundational to your creative business?

Once you’ve picked out three core principles, be sure that you keep them in mind when it comes to anything you do with your creative business. They’re the cornerstone of everything your business does online.

Need help crafting website content around your shiny new core principles? I’m a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs who want to connect authentically – check out the three ways I can help!

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