New logo designed by Catherine Toews!

Unending thanks to freelance graphic designer Catherine Toews for my business’ fantastic new logo! For years I had been using something I’d kind of slapped together myself without much thought, but Catherine helped me get on the right track.

After a few discussions about what I wanted out of my logo and the kinds of things I liked, she created a logo that perfectly represents my business. I love the way she incorporated my initials, too. This was important to me because both my freelancing Twitter account and website URL feature them. The process of working with her was a real collaboration too, and so smooth!

I’ve actually known Catherine since the early 2000s internet days, and I’ve always admired her artistic and graphic design talent, so I jumped at the chance to work with her on this project. Especially since her business values align so well with mine! I knew she would understand the specific needs of a creative business. She helps non-profits and small businesses with design projects so they can make authentic connections online and pursue their passions. She also does gorgeous botanical illustrations and is open for commissions!⁠

Learn more about Catherine Toews and her freelance design work:

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