what is a creative entrepreneur

What is a creative entrepreneur?

When many people hear the phrase “creative entrepreneur,” they might imagine a business owner who has creative ideas for new products, or an innovative marketing campaign. That definition is close, but not quite correct. So, what is a creative entrepreneur?

My definition of a creative entrepreneur

When I talk about copywriting for creative entrepreneurs, I’m picturing someone who’s building a business in one of the creative fields.

Of course, this isn’t to say that traditional entrepreneurs can’t be creative, but here I’m referring to the sort of person who would likely call themselves “a creative.” This person has long had a drive to express themselves through an artistic or aesthetically pleasing way, whether it’s photography, writing, art, dance, music – and so on! And they’ve also found a way to make money from this passion. They want to build a successful career (meaning: make money!) out of doing what they love, the creative work that’s always in the back of their mind as they go through their daily life.

So while traditional entrepreneurs such as bookkeepers, yoga instructors, home inspectors, or pet groomers can definitely be creative in the way they do business, a “creative entrepreneur” is someone who runs a business in one of the creative industries.

Is a creative entrepreneur an artist?

One common misconception of creative entrepreneurs that I hear a lot is: they’re artistic.

Well, not quite. Yes, it’s true that some creative businesses are art-based, but visual arts isn’t the only creative field. For example, I consider myself a creative entrepreneur because I make my living helping clients tell their stories in engaging and unique ways. But if you ever saw my attempts at drawing almost anything, you would recoil in horror.

So, if you’re starting or growing a creative small business, but the thought of a paintbrush makes you break out in hives – don’t fret! You’re still a creative entrepreneur!

Here are some examples of the types of people working in creative industries:

Examples of creative entrepreneurs

  • Photographers
  • Writers, such as independent authors
  • Bloggers writing about topics like art, travel, fashion, food, or lifestyle
  • Vloggers, podcasters, or other content creators
  • Visual artists, such as animators, painters, and illustrators
  • Graphic or web designers
  • Performing artists, like musicians and dancers
  • Filmmakers
  • Makers selling their creations to the public

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Share your story in the comments below – I’d love to hear more about your business!


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